remake of Karate Kid

Remember “The Karate Kid”? Get ready for a remake with 11-year-old Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son).

Judging by the skills Jaden Smith showed off during a photo shoot on the Great Wall of China, he'll more than rise to the challenge.

Jaden, who got his big break playing Will's son in The Pursuit of Happiness, spent four months in training for his first starring role.

The original 1984 movie, which co-starred Elisabeth Shue, told the story of a martial arts underdog named Daniel (Macchio) who moves to Los Angeles from New Jersey and learns discipline and fighting skills from handyman/mentor Mr. Miyagi (Morita).
Jackie Chan plays his mentor Mr Han – a part based on Pat Morita's iconic Mr Miyagi in the 1984 movie.

And as not to anger too many dojo loyalists, the new film will follow the formula of bullied youth meets eccentric mentor. Lending some Method to the remake madness, Jaden has already been schooled in martial arts.

The coming “Karate Kid,” is set in Beijing. So it should be “The Kungfu Kid” then, but don’t bother about that, two things that make this movie into my list are, Jackie Chan and Kungfu/Karate what so ever, and of course will smith, as far as I know, Will Smith equal to good movie.

The movie itself will be ready in this summer, by that time, Kevin will be 2.5 years old, he will be ready for this kind of movie.

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