My Award For You

hurray another award, but this time it’s a little bit different, well not that much differ.

Friend of mine, Felix - – gave me this award,

keep_bloggingAnd the reason why different it’s because he set the specific rules that we have to:

  1. Post this award in English!
  2. Post this award in English!
  3. Post this award in English!
  4. Give this award to a minimum of 5 bloggers you know well.
  5. Don't forget to comment on the comment box...(get used to comment when droppin' by ;p )

So I did, with all my crappy English, Finally i made it anyway,

I dedicated the award for my friends:

  1. Ossy - – your latest post was April 1, 2010, you’ve been busy since then, i suppose
  2. AKHMAD FAUZI - – on going learning process of become a better man.
  3. Inge / cyber dreamer - – Thank you for every comments that you’ve made, i really appreciate it
  4. Siroel - – You and Inge are the most active reader of my blog, I salute you for those comments
  5. Ndah - – where are you? hopefully everything is alright?

Now, Felix i have finished the task, for the 5 people i just tag, just do whatever you want with the Award, the important think is “silaturahim”. So have a good day my friends.

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6 Responses
  1. thank you so much...
    lah tp aq ndak terlalu bs basa inggris e
    ah boyong dulu ez :)

  2. trisnok Says: rules hehehe..but good luck for your award :D

  3. ossy Says:

    halah, nomer hiji deuih..
    nuhun nya kang, tapi teu tiasa ayeuna, nuju tapa heula..
    mun nganggo english nu ieu tiasa?

  4. ossy Says:

    kang, this award langsung aja sayah pajang di rak ya.. gpp kan, hohoho, cannot nyarios english euy

  5. awardnya udah aku pajang ^^
    makasi yah

  6. Anonim Says:

    Waduh mas, gw ga janji nih bisa nrima award ini, pke bahasa bule...blepotan mas...hehehehe...

Thank you for your comment, i really appreciate it

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